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Packs / Collections

Deemo Boss

(CosmoVibe) Magnolia

(CosmoVibe) Myosotis

(CosmoVibe) Marigold

Complextro Pack

(CosmoVibe) Bad Boy

(CosmoVibe) Cloud Nine

(CosmoVibe) Energy Drink

(CosmoVibe) H4NDs

(CosmoVibe) Icarus

(CosmoVibe) Magic (cYsmix)

(CosmoVibe) Marble Soda

(CosmoVibe) Pop Culture

(CosmoVibe) Virus [XMOD]

(porkypink) Magic

(porkypink) Yggdrasil

(porkypink) Zomgirl


Easy 6k Files

Are you looking to get into 6k? Here is a collection of various beginner-intermediate level charts to get you started!

(CosmoVibe) Alpha Helix

(CosmoVibe) Bass Expo

(CosmoVibe) By My Shadow

(CosmoVibe) Catalyst

(CosmoVibe) Dream Cruising

(CosmoVibe) Etude to a Dragon

(CosmoVibe) Finale

(CosmoVibe) FlashBack

(CosmoVibe) Just a little bit

(CosmoVibe) Maybe Another Day

(CosmoVibe) Necromancy

(CosmoVibe) Of Softest Rain

(CosmoVibe) OVERklock

(CosmoVibe) Rebirth

(CosmoVibe) Route 403

(CosmoVibe) Secret Zombie Room

(CosmoVibe) Super Mario [Koopa Lounge Mix]

(CosmoVibe) Throwdown

(CosmoVibe) Toybox Symphony

(CosmoVibe) White Eyes

CosmoVibe Cave Story

I made 6k charts for selected tracks from the Cave Story OST. May continue to add more charts to this in the future.

(CosmoVibe) 05 - Balrog's Theme

(CosmoVibe) 09 - Mischievous Robot

(CosmoVibe) 11 - On to Grasstown

(CosmoVibe) 18 - Labyrinth Fight

(CosmoVibe) 24 - Moonsong

(CosmoVibe) 33 - Running Hell (Curly's Theme)

(CosmoVibe) 38 - Got Item!

(CosmoVibe) 39 - Get Heart Tank!

(CosmoVibe) 41 - Victory!

(CosmoVibe) 52 - Meltdown

Other Packs

Here are some external links to other packs that I contributed significantly to:


Here is a list of [almost] all of my significant work!

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